Charter schools sacrifice quality for profits and divert money from public schools

Why are billionaires investing their time and money into privately-managed for-profit charter schools? Quite simply, these venture capitalists and hedge fund managers understand there is a profit to be made. This group of billionaires, who have no experience in our classrooms, want to use their wealth to push their education agenda on the rest of us. Their agenda is simple:

  1. Divert money out of California’s neighborhood public schools to fund privately-managed charter schools, without accountability or transparency to parents and taxpayers.

  2. Cherry-pick the students who get to attend these charter schools – weeding out and turning down students with special needs.

  3. Spend millions trying to influence your local legislative and school board elections across California.

How do they get away with it? By using their political clout to oppose laws that would create any meaningful oversight. They are pushing this for-profit corporate charter, anti-public education agenda despite research that clearly shows how it impacts students, hurts our neighborhood schools and costs taxpayers money. See recent studies below.