Public education should be about kids, not profits.

Kids Not Profits has developed out of a growing concern from educators, parents, civil rights and community groups for greater accountability and transparency for California’s charter schools.  On you will find facts, figures, reports and updated news stories to help you become more aware of the impact current laws have on our students and communities. See for yourself. The facts speak for themselves.

Backed by a group of billionaires with their own agenda for public education, a new industry around charter schools is growing in California. Charter schools are taxpayer-funded public schools that are frequently operated by for-profit corporations. While these privately-managed schools receive billions in California taxpayer dollars every year, they are not required to follow the same laws and regulations that regular neighborhood public schools are required to follow.

Charter schools are not subject to open meetings and open records laws, so parents and taxpayers don’t have full transparency and can’t see how the money is being spent. They ignore requirements to enroll all students from the community – weeding out and turning down students with special needs.

Evidence shows that this lack of accountability has led to financial gains for these for-profit corporate charter operators, but has too often been disastrous for thousands of California students and has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse.

Now, these billionaires are spending millions of dollars trying to influence local school board, state legislative, and statewide elections across the state.

Public education should be about kids, not profits. Instead of subsidizing corporate charter schools run by for-profit companies with taxpayer dollars, we should be using the money to strengthen our local neighborhood public schools for all California children. Join a growing coalition of education, parent, civil rights and community organizations calling for higher standards and more accountability for these privately-managed charter schools.

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